Everything you need to know about the INS Viraat which is bound to ‘Refurbished’ at our Kakinada.

INS Viraat Kakinada
INS Viraat Kakinada

Mumbai-based Master and Associates, Based on the suggestions and inputs by the Chief Minister, the Detailed Project Report (DPR) will be finalized revealing the detailed cost estimates for the refurbishment of INS Viraat at Kakinada.

  • After the DPR of INS Viraat is ready in a 2 Weeks, the same will be submitted for approval to the Union Government of India.
  • After the approval of DPR by the Central Government, INS Viraat will be brought (which would cost between ₹15 to ₹20 crore) from Mumbai to Kakinada for refurbishment.

Before the Decommission of warship, Andhra Pradesh government submitted a proposal to the Indian Navy and Government of India that intends to convert the Navy’s aircraft carrier into a museum and a hotel in the sea.

Here are some interesting facts & figures about INS Viraat

Serving in British Royal Navy:

Name: HMS Hermes (R12)

Builder: Vickers-Armstrong

Laid down: 21 June 1944

November 1959: Aircraft Carrier HMS Hermes was Commissioned into British Royal Navy

Serving in 1982 War: HMS Hermes was a flagship of the Royal Navy during the Falkland war.

1984: Decommissioned from Royal British Navy.

Serving in Indian Navy:

April 1986: India buys a second-hand carrier, and gets it refitted at Plymouth.

May 12th 1987: Commissioned into the Indian Navy as INS Viraat. Since then, the warship served as the flagship of the western fleet of the Indian Navy.

2015: Defence ministry asks 9 Coastal states if interested in converting INS Viraat into a Docked Museum.

6 March 2017: INS Viraat finally Decommissioned from Indian Navy.


Jalameva Yasya, Balameva Tasya. Which Means “He who rules over the seas is all powerful

“Indian Navy nicknamed INS Viraat as Grand Old Lady”


  • With the length of 227 metres, breadth of 46 metres and displacement of 28,000 tonne.
  • INS Viraat has a complement of 150 officers and 1500 sailors complete with attendant logistics infrastructure.
  • The ship is capable of carrying 30 aircraft.
  • AIR ELEMENT: 26 Combat aircrafts during conflicts. Ship is equipped with Sea Harrier jump-jets & Sea King anti-submarine warfare helicopters.
  • POWERED BY: INS Viraat is a conventional steam-propelled ship powered by 2 Steam turbine engines & 4 boilers and routinely operated at sea for durations upwards of three months at a time, with the speeds up to 28 knots.
  • “For its act of bravery in a time of extreme need and importance, the ship was awarded with Indian military medals of honor – the Mahavir Chakras (two) and the Vir Chakras (12)”

Life after De-Commissioning:

INS Viraat after its decommissioning is grounded near Mumbai Gateway of India.

If everything goes as planned in setting up INS Viraat as a Museum in our Kakinada, It will be our honor to be a part this incredible piece of history. We are pretty sure that it’ll boost tourism in the city & draws the major source of attraction from all over the country.

Jai Hind!

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