Everything about upcoming Eco-Tourism project connecting Kakinada and Hope Island.

Eco-Tourism project connecting Kakinada and Hope Island
Eco-Tourism project connecting Kakinada and Hope Island

Along with the construction of Kakinada Beach Park, Recently government has decided to develop the Hope Island in a completely eco-friendly construction model without effecting the nature and seashore.

It is long ignored for the ages, even though there is great potential for the tourism development, the Hope Island in now came into the Limelight under the leadership of Honorable Chief Minister N.Chandra Babu Naidu garu by sanctioning the sufficient funds and calling for tenders in making this project come alive under the Kakinada – Hope Island – Konaseema tourist circuit project. Recently the consultancy which won the tender has already started the construction works in Hope Island. The intention of this project was to create a landmark destination that is a natural getaway hub for the Kakinada – Hope Island – Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary loop for the locals and international visitors.

“The proposed activities in Hope Island are Boardwalks, Interpretation Centre, Tourists Village and Water Jetties. Most of these proposed activities are ecologically sensitive development using eco-friendly sensitive materials and smaller smart interventions with minimal impact on Environment and Sea shore.”

The modular architectural definition of the proposal includes open spaces like green spaces, buffers, courtyards, beach view etc.The mixed use clusters provides the line of the walkways / boardwalks which will provide the tourists walkability throughout the area and get mesmerized with the picturesque sea coast view. The two types of façades including glass and bamboo suggested along with exposed concrete and aluminum as a roof structure. Check out the below DPR images on how the project will look like after the completion.

Proposed Jetty near Kakinada Cost.


Aerial view of proposed Park + Jetty at Hope Island


View of Water Jetties


Interpretation Center

Pretty Cool right.!? Hope this project gets completed within the proposed time and gives a major boost for tourism in our Kakinada as well as Andhra Pradesh. It seems Future looks pretty bright for our Kakinada City.

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