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Have something to say that nobody else is saying, or a personal story related to our Kakinada? You can Submit articles to us here. We’re always looking for posts that are engaging, interesting and relatable. Please note that, we try our best to respond to all queries and you’ll only hear from us if it’s something we’re interested in running. You can submit posts which may also help you promoting your sites with quality backlinks.

Guest Articles Submissions Guidelines.

Article Topics:

  • Focused on local News, Updates, History, Facts & Figures, etc.
  • News of the latest developments and Inaugurations in our Kakinada City.
  • Other Categories are NEWS: ‘CITY NEWS, NEW IN CITY, SOCIAL & NGO, STATE & NATIONAL, UPCOMING’, PEOPLE: ‘Celebrities, Street Life,Unsung Heros’, TRAVEL, TELUGU, FOOD, HERITAGE, LIFESTYLE, MEDIA, Technology News,

Requirements in an article:

  • You can write the article in TELUGU or ENGLISH.**
  • The post must contain a ‘minimum’ of 360 Words.*
  • Provide a catchy title and short description overview para at the beginning of the post.
  • Submit Unique Posts (Should be Copyscape passed).
  • Use Proper Grammar.**
  • Give source credits and site content wherever necessary.*
  • Please add at least one image related to content/article.

Note: You can write the article in below section OR also upload the word file with the content clearly written with images. 

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