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Meet the Kakinada Vlogger & 2 other vloggers who travelled 4,000 KMs on bikes for 2 Weeks, covering up South India in 1 Ride.

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3 Guys, 4000 Kms: A South Indian Adventure.. This is the story of how our Kakinada Vlogger and two of his friends did an epic FIVE-State, 4 thousand-kilometre ride for 2-Weeks on their Bikes.

Meet Mr.Vlogger‘, Sai Bhagya Raj (Pulsar RS200) and team: Avinash (Mahindra Mojo) and Imtiaz Abbas (Bajaj Dominar) who travelled 4,000 Kilometres on the road on their bikes starting from Kakinada, covering up 5 States i.e, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and reaching to Hyderabad, to end the epic journey of South India. 

Hailing from different backgrounds, Sai Bhagya raj is an graduate in Mechanical Engineering and a hardcore bike enthusiast Started an youtube channel, Mr.Vlogger and published various vlogs, Imtiaz Abbas is a Graduate in CSE & hardcore bike enthusiast, also owns a YouTube channel namedDestiny Riders, where you can take a look at many videos about his long rides including a road trip to Darjeeling from Vizag on a pulsar 150. And the other rider Avinash is an Chemical Engineering graduate and a subscriber to Imtiaz’s YouTube channel Destiny Rider‘.  they were bonded together because of their passion for travel and the dare devil will power to do something what very few people have done.

From Where to Where & When to When? 
Mr. Vlogger started his journey from Kakinada where the other 2 riders joined him later.
  • On 7th June, from Kakinada to Vijayawada following to Hyderabad.
  • On 10th June started from Hyderabad and reached Chennai on same day.
  • On 11th June started from Chennai and reached Rameswaram on 12th June.
  • On Same day i.e 12th June, Started at morning from Rameswaram to Kanyakumari and reached on 13th June.
  • On 13th June Started from Kanyakumari Reached Kochi by 14th June,
  • On Same day i.e 14th June, Started at morning from Kochi to Munnar.
  • On 14th June, started from Munnar to Ooty & reached by 15th June,
  • On 15th June, started from Ooty to Mysore & reached by 16th June, (16th stayed in mysore)
  • On 17th June Started from Mysore to Coorg & reached on 18th June to Coorg, returned on the same day to Bangalore by 2am.
  • On 19th June at 9am, Started from Bangalore to Hyderabad and reached by 8pm,

And by reaching Hyderabad, The epic journey ended with once in a lifetime memories.

Places travelled in ‘The South Indian Adventure’ road trip:

Kakinada -> Vijayawada -> Hyderabad -> Ongole – > Chennai -> Rameswaram -> Kanyakumari -> Kerala -> Kuzhiturai -> Kochi -> Munnar -> Ooty – | Needle Rock View Point | ->Mysore -> Mandalpatti -> Bangalore -> Anantapur -> Hyderabad

Check out this sneak peek teaser about this epic Journey uploaded in his youtube channel ‘Mr.Vlogger‘:

Waiting for the full videos covering up the whole Journey. Meanwhile, you can Follow:

Mr.Vlogger on Facebook  Instagram – YouTube 

Imtiaz Abbas on YouTube channel- Destiny Riders

They speak their mind, bravely follow their heart and gives a damn to those who remind them of the Mediocre Limits.. You guys are brave, beautiful, intelligent and independent. They’re everywhere, all set to write their own rules and chase their own dreams. ‘The South Indian Adventure’ road trip by these guys instills hope in other bike travellers in the State.Thanks for sharing with us and well done Guys for showing so much bravado. Wish you all the very best in the future. DON’T FORGET FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES STRICTLY, DRIVE SAFE.:)
Are you a part of any such Inspiring story? or Know about someone who deserves some appreciation?  Tell us & We will Share it.

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