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  • Special trains from HYDERABAD to Kakinada Town, Special Trains, Kakinada, Hyderabad, Secunderabad to Kakinada Special Trains
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    Special Train: 07061 Kakinada Port – Velankanni Special. Details

    07061 Kakinada Port – Velankanni Special Train కాకినాడ పోర్ట్ – వెలంకన్ని స్పెషల్ काकीनाड़ा पोर्ट – वेलांकन्नि on 5th September Morning 9 Am Via CCT Kakinada Town 3 SLO Samalkot 4 RJY Rajahmundry 5 NDD Nidadavolu Junction 6 TDD Tadepalligudem 7 EE Eluru 8 BZA Vijayawada Junction 9 TEL Tenali Junction 10 NDO Nidubrolu 11 BPP […] More

  • Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, Kakinada, Korangi, Coringa Sanctuary
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    All you need to know about Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary.

    It’s an undeniable fact that Coringa and Hope Island are the natural safeguarding barriers for Our Kakinada as well as other regions in East Godavari. But Did you know that Coringa is declared as a wildlife sanctuary on 5-7-1978 not only because of its fauna but also to protect the amazing mangrove on the Godavari […] More