Kakinada – Chengalpattu Circar Express to be Extended to Pondicherry, increasing connectivity to Yanam

Commuters eagerly await the train’s upgrade to a superfast service, offering faster and more efficient transportation to Chennai

During the Puducherry Assembly sessions today, the Speaker announced that Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has approved the request of the Puducherry government to extend the Circar Express service from Kakinada to Chengalpet to include Puducherry. This extension will be beneficial to the people of Yanam region, an enclave of Puducherry in Andhra Pradesh, and the officials of the territorial government, as it will make commuting between Puducherry and Yanam easier.

Circar Express | Image: Indian Rail Info

This extension would have several benefits for the commuters between Yanam – Kakinada – Pondicherry. It provides a direct rail link between Pondicherry and several important cities in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, making it easier for tourists to travel to Pondicherry and explore its many attractions. It mainly benefits the Yanam residents & the Government officials who currently have to rely on other modes of transport to travel to pondicherry.

Upgrading the Circar Express train to a superfast service would significantly reduce travel time and provide modern amenities for a more comfortable journey between Kakinada and Chennai.

The extension of the train’s route would have several economic benefits. It would provide a boost to the tourism industry in Pondicherry and the surrounding areas. The extension would also make it easier for businesses in Pondicherry to connect with suppliers and customers in other cities, which could lead to increased trade and commerce. Now tourists from Kakinada would be able to travel to Pondicherry more easily.

Image Credits: Padiyachi
Puducherry Railway Station | ©Image Credits: Padiyachi

The Circar Express has been a popular mode of transportation for people traveling between Kakinada and Chengalpattu for many years. However, passengers have often complained about its slow speed and lack of modern amenities in the train. Therefore, the demand is growing to upgrade the Circar Express as a superfast train with modern amenities.

Despite the challenges, the upgradation of the Circar Express to a superfast train is a worthwhile investment that would benefit passengers and the Indian Railways. The Government and Railway authorities should consider this proposal seriously to improve the overall travel experience for passengers.

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