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Smart City Update: Redevelopment of Gandhinagar Park Under KSCCL

Gandhinagar Park Kakinada
Gandhinagar Park Kakinada

Gandhi Nagar Park is one of the oldest parks in the city, this place is having rich history of hosting a meeting by Mahatma Gandhi. Once it is the only park with major attractions like Gandhiji Statue, Peacocks, Rabbits, Rocket Structure etc.

Especially for 90’s Kids.. Gandhi Nagar Park is not just a park.. But, an emotion..As their childhood memories are deeply bonded with it.??

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However, as the years passed, it completely lost its charm & visitors due to the government’s foul maintenance. But thanks to the KMC Officials, Leaders, Kakinada Smart City Corporation Ltd. For its vision in developing the Gandhi Nagar Park under Rehabilitation & Development of Selected Parks in PHASE-I Smart City Works.

So these are the updates about Gandhi Nagar park development under Smart City Mission works. Please kindly share your thoughts & memories down below the comment section.


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