Everything about Lambasingi The best place to visit this winter.


With the arrival of winter season, if you are planning for a shot trip around with your buddies, family etc… Then Lambasingi is for you..?

Why travel LAMBASINGI?

Lambasingi is a small village located at an altitude of about 1025 meters above the sea level in the Chintapalli region of Arakku Valley in Vishakhapatnam district.

Lambasingi a village blessed with unique natural beauty and that’s what making it a budding tourist destination in Andhra Pradesh.

Being one of the coolest places not only in our Andhra Pradesh but in entire South India. This place is once anonymous and undiscovered. This place is beautifully located in the greenery of the surrounding hills, Picturesque beauty, dense foliage, chilled weather.

At Lambasingi, you can enjoy camping activities, adventurous trekking while Roads covered with thick fog and with the night temperatures often falling to sub-zero level. And this justifies why it is called the Andhra Ooty.?

Traveling From Kakinada?

Lambasingi is Situated at about a distance of 138.2 km it takes approximately 3 hours 39 minutes from our Kakinada (via Tuni-Narsipatnam Rd).

It is best to arrange your own transportation rather than relying on the public transport due to its limitations to reach the village.

  • Drive carefully as the ghat road is narrow & covered with a blanket of thick fog making a poor vision for drivers.
  • It’s best to Avoid the bikes as the temperatures are too low & very uncomfortable for riders.
  • Make your own arrangements for temporary accommodation if you wish to stay at night.

Did you Know?

Lambasingi is the only place in the Southern region of India, where you can experience snowfall sometimes in winter and if we’re lucky enough, we might witness this year as well! But be aware that Temperatures ‘may not go’ below 0 degree Celsius every year, but when it does, the hill treats you with the most beautiful snowfall.

Lambasingi is also called ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh’ due to the temperatures drop below ‘0’ Zero degree centigrade.

Called by any Other Names?

Yes! Lambasingi is also called ‘Korra Bayalu’, which means “if someone stays out in the open they would freeze like a stick!” in the local language.

Local Specialties & Govt. Activities:

As expected, the Pepper and Coffee plantations of Araku Valley & Lambasingi are gradually gaining the world’s attention for their quality & unique rich taste which are even exported to other countries.

The Regional Agricultural Research Centre (RARS) in Chintapalli supports the possibility of the cultivation of apple farms similar to that of Shimla. APTDC plans to open a state-run resort here and develop Lambasingi as a tourism hub in the future.

Never the Late, this place has seen an significant growth in the number of tourists visiting every year. Sure it will become a popular tourist destination and an exotic summer retreat soon in future.

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