Coringa Light House Everything you need to know.

India's oldest Lighthouse in Coringa.
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About Coringa Port and Light House:

The lighthouse at Coringa, is now located in the middle of nowhere in mangroves. It is built by Britishers in 1845 for navigating the ships in sea. It is also called “Bankoli (బంకోలీ)” by locals. It is operational until 1902. The Coringa lighthouse has been abandoned for years until few years back.

coringa wildlife sanctuary, Coringa lighthouse, lighthouse in coringa
Old lighthouse in coringa. Photo: DC

Coringa: This region is once known as ‘Cape Cori‘ The Coringa was built by the British in 1759 and since then the region got attention & fame internationally for its work in ship building, repairs and international maritime trade.

According to the East Godavari District Gazette, the Coringa port registered a total business of Rs 8.2 lakh in 1877-78 and Rs. 3.2 lakh in 1880-81.

Exports & Imports from Coringa Port:

Once the important exports from this port are Coir, homeopathy medicines, fiber, pulses, paddy and oils etc., while the major imports at the port are cycles, motorcycles, iron ore, machinery, sugar and kerosene.

1,500 tonnes Ships and an auto-opening bridge:

According to the historians, ships with a capacity of 1,500 tonnes were built at Coringa and the builders here were well known for their craftsmanship in building the ships and also repairing foreign make ships. The most fascinating thing is A 50-foot-long bridge with an auto-opening facility at coringa making the way for the 600 tonnes capacity ships and it is considered to be an engineering marvel during its time.

The Coringa Disaster:

The two largest storms have vanished the colonies. Two storms which occurred in 1789, 1839, literally erased Coringa from the map. In the month of December 1789 about 20,000 people died. People lost their lives, recovered from the disaster and continued the shipbuilding industry.

Coringa Cyclone Disaster
Coringa Cyclone Disaster.| Source: Internet

But on 25 November of 1839, a colossal cyclone created a surge in the ocean which struck Coringa, The 40 feet high rising tidal waves destroying the majority of the harbor city and killing roughly 300,000 people. Homes, warehouses and shipping industry have completely disappeared in this area.

This is the third largest tragedy in the history of world storms. The word cyclone is brought to English only after this tragedy.

After the devastation caused by the cyclone, the people opted to abandon the city. This storm has wiped out the harbor city and destroyed about 25,000 ships.

Visiting the Lighthouse from Coringa.

Today we can visit one of India’s oldest Lighthouse, built in by the Britishers. Last year the facilities at lighthouse were improved by AP Tourism in order to attract more tourists to Coringa.

How To Reach?

Currently, we need to book a boat to reach this lighthouse from the existing jetty facility available here. AP Tourism along with Forest Department is arranging tourist boats from Coringa Sand Ramp (Coringa Esaka Ramp).

For more details Contact: 0884 2345628

Boating details to Old Lighthouse in Coringa
Boating details to Old Lighthouse in Coringa.

Current boating details in Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary are as follows:

Boating fare boating details in Coringa Wild life sanctuary.

Current Boating fare & details available at Coringa.

Though it is located amidst mangroves, the monument is historical and there is a need to protect. If you plan to visit Coringa Mangroves, definitely do visit this Coringa Lighthouse.

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