Voice Of Kakinada: People points several Issues across the city.. NEED ASSISTANCE FROM KMC Officials.

Voice Of Kakinada, People raises several Issues, Issues in Kakinada
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Voice Of Kakinada: ‘Problems’

Within few hours we are going to know who will win the KMC elections & We will have a new council body with corporators & a Mayor. Hope with them at least now.. the city’s development gets better. Dear corporators & Mayor (upcoming), KMC Officials, Please look into these issues..

1.Title: Drainages | By Rahul

-Drainage system is very worst in kakinada for more than 10 years and even now. In many areas drainages leak out and municipal dust bins will not be emptied regularly due to which lot of mosquitoes and pigs are increasing. This is the major problem in kkd. Another problem is traffic which got increased from the past 2 years. These should be improved.

2. Title: Drainage overflow when heavy rains | By S Nagendra Babu 

-Hi all I’m Nagendra babu, I am resident of kakinada ,currently working in Vijayawada.last month I visited kakinada along with my friends, rain was happens about a hour. In just struggled in cinema hall road the total drains flooded out and totally the scenario has been changed within the short time.and try to solve the problem if water stored on rodes try to take out by using motors. And one more thing what is the need of traffic signals some times it will work some time may not. Only some area are looking good but what about other areas are filled with garbage.

3. Title: Kakinada roads and light | By Bhavani

-Pratap nagar and achuthapuram railway gate vinayaka temple back side streets roads nt confitbule and street light are no.municipal cleaning very bad.

4. Title: Issue with street dogs | By Bhavani Prasad N

-Hi Team, My issue looks bit silly, but in my area street dogs become to aggressive. Recently they killed one big pig. So am thinking about the kids playing on the street. Once anything wrong happened we can’t do anything. I given complaint in our municipality but they did nothing. Have to take precaution for safe side. Kindly look int to the issue to solve this. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Prasad N Ashoknagar, Near Gokulam, 533003.

5. Title: Drainage and stray dogs problems | By V.C Matharaju

-In Ward number 15,lot of Street dogs are roaming in our localities.even drainage system is not good.water is getting stagnated on roads which is the main reason for mosquito.Hope you will take necessary steps in eradicating these problems.

6. Title: Polluted water | By Vikash.

-Please provide the purified water in City..

Any Issues around you that needs an attention? Any idea or opinion for our Kakinada? Raise your voice for betterment of our kakinada By Submitting HERE.


Voice Of Kakinada, People raises several Issues, Issues in Kakinada

Voice Of Kakinada: Read these peoples honest take on current problems in our Kakinada.

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