KMC is Conducting GIS Survey to curb pilferage in property & other taxes.

Kakinada Smart city GIS Survey

Kakinada Smart City Corporation LTD. is conducting a Geographic Information System, GIS survey to verify collated data on public amenities and civic taxpayers in the city.

KSCCL, the implementing agency has launched a door-to-door survey on recently.
KSCCL staff visiting households in the city within a period to understand their views on several factors.

Under the Smart City Mission, KSCCL has already begun geographic information system (GIS) mapping of the capital city to improve municipal tax collection and identify defaulters. The aim of the survey and GIS mapping is to ensure all residential and commercial properties come under the tax radar of the Kakinada Municipal Corporation (KMC) and to ensure all properties are assessed at the correct rate.

“Two things that will be taken care of through this intervention are the under-assessed and unassessed properties”

GIS Survey Form being distributed by Kakinada Smart city. | Kakinada Smart city GIS Survey Form
GIS Survey Form being distributed by Kakinada Smart city

Also with this survey, KSCCL will prepare special geographical maps through satellite imagery and gather the information of building constructions, roads, drainage’s, street lights, drinking water distribution system, educational institutions, hospitals, government and private offices, cell phone towers, transformers, markets, cinema halls, parks, shopping complexes and others and allot a unique identity number with a scientific manner on the lines of Aadhaar.

KMC employees distributing the GIS forms (Above Picture) to every house and property owners. The property owners have to fill mandatory details like Name &  Aadhaar number of property owner, door number, property tax assessment number, water tax assessment number, electricity connection number, building permission number/BPS/BRS/, mobile number and e-mail id.

The Corporation has prepared a plan for curbing pilferage in property taxes by making a survey on actual boundaries, measurements of the property and also hidden properties.

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