Check Recent status & details of Kakinada Beach Park.

We know that AP Tourism dept. is developing the Beach Front Park in large area adjacent to haritha beach resorts at kakinada beach to boost tourism in east godavari district.

The ideal aim of this project is to create a landmark destination that is a tourism anchor point for the Kakinada-Hope Island-Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary loop as well as a recreational destination for the locals.

Also Check DPR images for on going construction of Kakinada Beach Park.

Various recreational activities such as Aquamarine Park, Amusement Park along with Convention Center, Retail and Food courts etc are provided to tend to the tourists and local community’s needs to spend quality time on the banks of Godavari River.

Recently we have visited to checkout progress in construction. As some of my friends are taunting that there is no development works at all.. But to prove them wrong this is what we found.

When last time we visited it, construction works are not going on that great. But now, happy to see such progress.

Here’s what we observed:

  • Main entrance gate.
  • Landscaping & Beautification.
  • Buildings for various events.
  • Internal Roads including one that connects the Haritha Beach Resorts.
  • Led Street lights (Done long back).
  • Walking tracks.
  • Dolphins structure is under construction.

Recently, AP Tourism officials paid a visit to Beach Park and said that works are being carried out such that it can be ready & get inaugurated during January 2018 Beach Festival held at the same. Said, worker at park.

So, 2018 is going to be huge for the Kakinadians, as SRMT Sopping Mall & Multiplex and the Kakinada Beach Park is set to open at the Same time.

Written by Dinesh Kumar

An IT Engineer, Co-Admin, Who loves his hometown as much as his motherland.. Here at KakinadaUpdates, He covers the exclusive News, Happenings, events etc in the city by digging deep into the Internet & other information sources.

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