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Everything you need to know about upcoming Anna Canteens in Kakinada.

Anna Canteens in Kakinada

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to launch the First Phase of NTR Anna canteens at Kakinada in collaboration with Akshaya Patra Charitable Foundation (APCF) of Hare Krishna Movement.

Govt of AP is aiming to eventually expand Anna Canteens throughout the state like Vizag, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Kurnool, Kadapa, Anantapur Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Guntur, Prakasam, and Hindupur.

The canteens are modelled on the lines of Amma Canteens that gained immense popularity in Tamil Nadu.

What are the Prices of food items?

-The standard price of food items in Anna Canteens set by the state government will be as follows:

  • Idly @Rs.1
  • 200 gms of Pongal @Rs.5
  • Tomato Bath @Rs.5
  • 200 gms of sambar rice @Rs.5
  • Pulihora or vegetable rice @Rs.5
  • 150 gms of curd rice will cost @Rs.3

Taking inspiration from the famous food subsidisation programme called  Amma Unavagam (அம்மா உணவகம்) AKA ‘Amma Canteens’ run by the Government of Tamil Nadu, our AP Government also set the similar goals to provide quality & hygienic food at most affordable prices with ‘Anna Canteens’.

The initial aim of Akshaya Patra & Govt. of AP is to feed every poor person in the state via these canteens. The goal is to “Ensure that even the poorest of the poor have three meals a day and they do not go hungry to bed.”

Anna Canteen under construction in Kakinada | ©

Where in Kakinada?

KMC has aimed to install more than 18 Anna Canteens in our Kakinada and KMC has already installed some of the Anna Canteen structures at some important junctions and areas like:

  • Jagannaickpur
  • Sarpavaram
  • Gandhinagar
  • Godarigunta
  • Balaji cheruvu
  • Diary farm Junction
  • Prathapnagar
  • Boats club etc

Most of the installed Anna canteen structures are at various stages & some are at final stages of completion. (Check the images.)

Sure these canteens will serve the urban poor and also visitors can have quality breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at an affordable Price. At an average, It costs around 15 Rupees for three meals combined in a day.

“Thanks to the Akshaya Patra & Govt. of AP.”

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